Infinity Roads Page 447
October 23rd, 2014

Infinity Roads Page 447

More new art!


Some new art!

mechanical_brilliance_by_pumpkinsareholy-d7hlveb mechanical_devil_by_pumpkinsareholy-d7hlvtw

Quick break!

hey hey all, I’m taking a break from my comic this week due to some life responsibilities, nothing serious, just I need to get a lot of stuff done… I may post some other art in the meanwhile though!

Friday page is next….

I barely slept last night… so next update is Friday, please excuse me while I sleeeeeeeeeeep menace2

Here’s a drawing of Menace from Queen’s Blade till then : |

Anthology submission

I’m currently working on a 7 page sci-fi comic for

Wish me luck! Comic updates to resume Monday!